Hi-Fi Shelving Unit Made From Bookshelf




Re-purposed bookshelf into hifi unit come computer desk

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Step 1: Before - the Mess!

So here was the problem, after ditching my TV in favour of a projector, I had to relocate my cable box and surround sound equipment - the only real space I had was with my PC, and as you can see it was a bit of a mess!

I done the usual googling to see what was available in terms of shelving, but nothing would really fit the bill with it being quite a strange space at a fireplace end - I also needed to retain somewhere to use my keyboard and mouse.

Step 2: Light Bulb Moment

Remembered the book case in the bedroom, some relocation of books and some measuring and i was good to go

Step 3: Butchering the Bookcase

Back of the bookcase removed and then the top and the bottom cut off (using a jigsaw) to the same "height"

Some cheap straight metal brackets to secure the two halves together

Step 4: Finished and in Situ

Covered the bookcase and one of the shelves with wood effect white sticky back vinyl - one re-purposed book shelf, simple and quick!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is all sorts of a good idea! Thanks for sharing your bookshelf unit!