Hi Ho Trashy-O

Introduction: Hi Ho Trashy-O

This is a game to teach people about trash, made entirely of trash! Perfect for tabling at events, and or educating small children.

Step 1: Materials

The materials for this project can and should be improvised out of almost anything you can find in the trash.
Here is what we used:

From the trash:
Large cardboard boxes 
Colored construction paper
Used water bottle
banana peel
aluminum can
glass jar/bottle
cigarette butts
empty cardboard box (small)
plastic bag
plastic six pack holder

Other stuff:
Paint (you could go without or make your own if you only want to use found items)
glue(if you are really hardcore, use old gum)

Step 2: Constructing the Base

Make a base to attach your game to. We improvised with two cardboard crates!

Step 3: Make Panels!

1.Select one or two large pieces of cardboard
2.Paint them 
3. Attach pieces of trash with tape or glue
4. Use strips of construction paper to make  little pockets that your cards will fit in underneath each piece of trash.
5. Don't loose your cool, it's almost over!

Step 4: Attach Panels to Base

Tape or glue the panels to the base.

Step 5: Make Cards

Write the the number of years it takes for each item to decompose on an index card.

Step 6: Ready to Play!

Find some participants, and have them guess which card goes with each item of trash!
Use this as an opportunity to talk to them about reduce, reuse, recycle!!!

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