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Introduction: Hi-Instructables Postcard

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With this instruction , you learn how to make a amicable postcard for your friends . So Instructables is my friend ! This postcard will make with your idea & art . It's cheap , you can make it with scrap materials . 

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Step 1: What Will You Need

Soda/drink door
Wound tape
Color pencils
Pencil shaving (It's in your sharpener box)
Small candle
Color macaroni

Step 2: Cut the Paper

Cut the paper of asymmetric . It means you should have two piece of paper , one bigger than other .

Step 3: Draw Your Paint

Now , draw your paint on bigger paper . You can draw your favorite paint without limitation .

Step 4: Perfect Your Paint

Perfect your paint with your scrap materials . I glow a Non-Alcoholic soda door in top and the color macaroni on top of that . Remember it isn't important you glow your materials with a tape , dirty ! I glow my wound tape in corner of paper . Don't throw away its membrane ! We need it in step6 .

Step 5: Use Pencil Shaving

Use your pencil shaving for make highlight . I have so much pencil shaving , I have kept them since last year ! Rub them in your paper and when you see the color highlights , pick up them . Remember : if you can't see color highlights look-like my picture , It's for your primary pencils . If you shave a color pencil , you have color pencil shave and if you shave a black pencil ... .

Step 6: Make a Candle Place

Now I make a candle place with my wound tape membrane . Glow it in a suitable place of paper , then put your candle on it . Don't glow total of membrane , only glow two side . If your candle can not be stop , you can narrow your membrane .

Step 7: Second Paper

Lineation your second paper for write a letter . Do not be valetudinary ! Even you can draw your lines with hand .

Step 8: Write Your Letter

Write your letter for your friend in your line ! I write a letter to instructables . It write with a unhandsome handwriting . Complete your letter with a endorsement .

Step 9: Connect and Post It !

Connect two paper with a clamp . Your postcard is ready , you can post it , Or give it with your hands !

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