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Introduction: Hi-Tech Redneck Breakfast

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A bowl full of goodness in less than 5minutes

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Step 1: What Is in It?

A popular fast food company makes a similar breakfast available but it's been popular in the south for a very long time.
Grits are a very misunderstood food, popular throughout the southern U.S.grits are maligned in other parts of the country and it can be funny to hear people rave about polenta but say grits are nasty when it's the same basic food !

I'm lucky to get my grits free  from a local sandwich shop, they are cooked fresh each day and any left overs would just be thrown away, I mix them with my dogs food and always have some on hand for my own consumption.

Scrambled eggs with cheese are very easy to make in the microwave and there is very little clean up

 I've had breakfast sausage in many forms, cut from the tube, bought precut and fried and bought precooked, the precooked are easy to make and taste as good as the fresh, at least in my opinion

Step 2: Bowl 1

I put the sausage in the microwave for 20 seconds to thaw and then chop them up and add to about a cup of cold grits and a splash of water, cover and microwave for 2minutes and move on to the eggs

Step 3: Bowl (cup) 2

Break 2 eggs into a cup and ....... here you can vary depending on your tastes and I've found it effects the cooking time as well.

1. beat the eggs with a fork or small whisk, add your shredded cheese, stir  and microwave for 40seconds, take out and stir the eggs then microwave another 20seconds and check doneness stir and repeat if needed

2. add a teaspoon of water per egg and repeat the steps above, I find that 3x40second cooking times works for me

3. add a teaspoon of milk per egg and repeat above steps, this takes about 30seconds longer than the water version

 oh yea.. I add hot sauce to my eggs before scrambling

Step 4: Combine

pour your cooked eggs onto the grits and sausage and mix

Step 5: Breakfast Coctail

I need a beverage to go with my meal but by the time I'm ready to eat I've drank my coffee for the day so I take whatever fruit juice I have open and pour it over a glass of ice which I then top off with a citrus soda

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the reminder! I just finished eating a mug of scrambled eggs. Great stuff!!!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I resisted cooking eggs in the microwave for years, thinking there was no way they could be as fluffy and tender as I can do them in a pan.. I was mistaken and since trying it have been completely converted ! Thank you for leaving a comment