WORKING Hidden Axe Can Safe

Introduction: WORKING Hidden Axe Can Safe

Follow this for a great hiding spot no one will ever think to look for something.

When finished you will have an Axe can safe that still functions and you can always switch out for a different smell when it runs out.

I hope you enjoy this Instructable come back for more things.

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Step 1: Materials You Will Need

You will need:

Regular size can of Axe spray and one of the small sample or travel size cans.

Metal saw.


File or grinding apparatus.


Epoxy (I used a hot glue gun I explain later why not to do this)

Old film canister or something around that size.

Step 2: Prepping the Can

Using something solid pop out the spray nozzle for the larger can then cut off the metal ring that housed it (now making this I realized you can just cut through the tube and pull out the parts later) Cut the ring just below it trying to leave as much of the can's lip as possible.

Step 3: Fitting the Smaller Can

Time to file the can till the smaller canister fits I recommend using a grinder as this took around 30 minutes with my file. Make sure the fit is snug so that can supports the force of using the spray later.

Step 4: Adjusting the Height That the Small Can Sits

For this you want the small can's ring to sit that the same point the original can's ring was. I did this with an old film canister and measured how it fit then cut it off with my saw and filed the rest now the ring matched and the sprayer would fit correctly.

Step 5: Finish the Cans

Now take the small can remove its sprayer and epoxy it to the film canister so it is level and will fit in the bigger can correctly this is important or the sprayer will look off. Once you have everything glued and it all works and fits then put what you want in it and slide in the small can then pop on the cap and it should look normal and work but you can now hide things in it my knife and $200 of small assorted bills fit just fine.

DO NOT USE A HOT GLUE GUN LIKE I DID the Axe cans are pressurized and as you increase heat you increase pressure and boom you have bombs the cans say do not store above 125 because above that they may fail or malfunction causing injury and hot glue guns get hotter than that mine specifically gets to 380+ degrees F after i glued it i remembered wait this is bad and threw it in cold water fast.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Funny I am going to be making something similar. Jurassic Park was on the other night and I felt I knew how to make the Barbasol can from the first movie. Good job on your rendition. I do have two questions: Do you load your stash in the top before you put the smaller can in? If so will your smaller can fall out if knocked over, dropped, or held upside down?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    yeah just put what ever you want in and it should fit along the sides there is no room under neath the smaller can and if it is knocked over it shouldn't fall out because of the lip of the spray part