Hidden Blade - Assassin's Creed Inspired

Hey there I've been working on a this project on and off this summer. (mostly this fall)

As you can see it's A hidden blade, I started with a ,desk drawr slide ,some sheet metal (For the blade and part of the trigger mech) ,a few nuts and bolts ,and some thick steel wire. also a paper clip or 2 bent into some small springs.

I'll be building 1-2 more after i finnish this one i'll be making an instructable for those. This one's kinda the test dummy.

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    3 years ago

    great for a prop, but sheet metal is NOT ideal for blades, too flimsy and very likely galvanized. if you are into actual knife making, and you have a forge or propane torch try heat treating with some higher carbon steel, this will harden it. but never forget to temper it as well


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I've been trying to make a hookblade (without the blade) for ages, I would use it as a climbing hook for Parkour.. can someone give me some help?

    3 replies

    dude id love to help it seems pretty easy just do everything that the hidden blade has to have but then weld a peace of bent metal at the end

    well you need the hook to be durable for the pulling and all that the actual thing will need to be able to withstand and hold human weight along with the fact that it would need to not fall off so it is pretty difficult to make the hidden hook blade thing :P

    well firstoff i would never parkour with this hidden blade on my hand letalone a hook blade. just cause in the game it can be used effectively doesn't mean it would be in real life tie something rigid on your arm tight enough to hang from next time you do parkour and see how it works out for you. why not make a hook that you can hold on to? and an extended reach isn't always something you want for parkour it would really hinder actually getting up onto a ledge.

    Not really... nothing eve locks the blade forward at this point it's fun to pretend to stab yourself case the blade retracts right in.


    6 years ago

    So does it retract without you having to push it in with your hand?

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    you should do an instructable for the hookblade now :)

    you guy are all retarts it not dangerous it cover his wrist so it will not get cut and it wont stab his palm because it only activated when he move his palm back der

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