Hidden Blade Final Version

Introduction: Hidden Blade Final Version

About: I'm a 13 year old boy who really loves machines and other metal projects, except that, I don't have enough materials, so I save up some money to buy parts. I'm addicted to assassin's creed and its weapons...

How to eject and retract? Phew, its simple, all that's gonna do all the work (eject and retract) is simply a "lazy tong mechanism". In my video, (well, its not actually my video) you can learn about the details...

Actually I'll post this concept in 2 ways:

1. Video
2. Picture (slideshow)

Hope you can understand and enjoy!

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    Russian author of this video talks about the impossibility and absurdity of a working prototype of the device focusing on the image of the game. He says he do not get along all the mechanisms in the body of this size, so it was placed on the arm. And if it works, then the details will be very small and not capable of withstanding loads.
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    7 years ago on Introduction

    yeah this is exactly what I needed to be able to figure out a fabrication issue I was having when designing my own version of this. with a simple lock, you could easily combine this design with that of amnnra's blade that has been so popular on youtube and flikr. The Sinza Forums are going to be all over this.