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This is an instructable on how to make a hidden compartment in a book. Plus it is really easy AND very effective!:D no one will know that all your money or other items are hidden right there on your book shelf! XD So let's get to work! :)(:


Step 1: Things You'll Need

You will need:
~ a glue stick
~ box cutter
~ a hard cover book. (The thicker the better, also make sure it's a book that you don't want to use).
~ and a pencil

Step 2: Cutting

DO NOT CUT THE FRONT OR BACK COVERS and don't rip the pages out! Using a ruler trace a line an inch in on each of the four sides creating a rectangle. Leave the first 10% of the book uncut, then take your box cutter and cut the rectangles out of the pages. (You can group pages together to make cutting go faster). Continue until all pages are cut.

Step 3: Gluing

Now use your legs to hold the book tight together ( not pages that are uncut). Take your glue stick and rub it on all of the pages edges like in the picture. Let it dry.
PS do that a couple times to make sure that they are stuck.

Step 4: Done! XD

That's it!:) now all you have to do is start hiding things in it! Thank you so much for taking your time to read my instructable. :] Please comment on what you thought and PLEASE vote for me. Again thanks for reading and good luck! Bye! :D



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    5 years ago

    Ya that would have been better i sadly didn't have that


    5 years ago

    i started out using an exacto blade, then to a utility blade and it got too time consuming so i used a dremel tool with a sharp point grinding bit. drill down all 4 corners and go from there with shallower lines for the rest


    5 years ago

    Classic but very nice Well done


    5 years ago

    Wow! Thanks for the suggestions. I tried to use things that most people would have but power tools probably would have worked better. Thanks again though. :)

    Okay so, I tried this earlier this year and I intended to use a small boox to hide my cellphone in, but when I started cutting it was not very long before it got really untidy, and it had to be atight fit so I decided to stop and maybe try again another day.
    I have yet to start again, but this time I will definitely use some basic powertools, perhaps even resort to something like a very hot wire and a clamp.

    Good instructable, I like how simple you made it, but keep in mind that anybody could read this. So short instructions like these are nice for an IDEA, but if you want to become more popular on instructables I recommend writing the most complete instructions you possibly can and describe how everything should look and feel to accompany the pictures. So basically, assume that a lot of really dumb people are reading. It will help people to feel more involved with the project and you will gain popularity here.

    Just some advice, because you're new here ^^ And Good Luck with your future instructables! :D Have fun making them too and take your time.

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