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I was at work today, and got entirely too bored, so I decided to make a hidden compartment in a box of staples to hide things from my co-workers! Its a realy easy process, and is done with ordinary office supplies found in any typical office, a box of staples and scotch tape. You can even do it at home for less than $5 bucks! You can keep a stash of bills, coins, or even a USB drive with some documents that you don't want anyone to find. So here it goes and let me know what you think!

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Step 1: In the Beginning...

First, take all the staples out of the box. We will leave the top and bottom layer intact. (Each layer has six strips of staples.) After removing the top and bottom layers, take the two middle layers and break an inch of staples off each side. Try to keep the rows the same length on the left and right for uniformity and neatness. After doing so, lay the rows out like the picture.

Step 2: Taping the Rows Together

In this step, we will tape each row together to itself, that way they will not come apart when we put it in the box. There are 3 rows in each layer. I found it was easier to take the tape all the way around each layer, keeping the layers from falling apart. Also do this to the top and bottom layers as well. 

Step 3: Hidden Compartment

Now, we will take the bottom row, that has been taped together, and place the second row on top of it, lining up the ends and leaving a gap in the middle. When you place the second row on, use your tape and secure it to the bottom row by going all the way accross the top and down the side to connect to the bottom row. Repeat this step with the 3rd layer as well. Now we have a gap in the middle of the staples. Once the rows are all taped together, place the top layer on top, but do not secure with tape to the bottom 3 rows.  

Step 4: Completed Project

Now that we have our secret compartment made, you can place the staples back in the box, and have a perfect hiding place for something of value. When someone opens the box from either end, it looks like a full box of staples!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    [...perfect hiding place for something of value...] except that the only reason someone would open it is to get staples. And then your cover is blown! Good idea though ;)

    1 reply