Hidden Compartment in Pillow Pet

Introduction: Hidden Compartment in Pillow Pet

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Everyone knows pillow pets aren't the comfiest things to sleep on. So if your not using it to sleep on then why not put it to good use and hide things in it! This is pretty easy and really cool. No one will even notice that there might be something hidden inside!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need
•box cutter
•ruler or tape measure
•a pillow pet ( normal size )
•those little Velcro squares (in the picture it looks like there is 8 of them but there really is only 4 scratchy sides and 4 soft sides. You will only need one of each kind)
•and of course something to hide in it
•sharpie or marker(like black or gray.)

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

First take your pillow pet and turn it on its back. Then get your ruler or tape measure and measure I the middle of its "belly" and measure about 4 inches down vertically. Then mark it with your marker by making sort of a little dot at one inch and one line at the 4 inch.
Now cut from one dot to the other as evenly as you can using the box cutter. If it gets difficult try using scissors instead. But cutting it when I did it really wasn't that hard.

Step 3: Sealing It

After you have your pillow pet all cut open get your Velcro and it should have a sticky side like tape or something (in the picture it shows both sides of the little velcro square.) stick that to the fabric on the left near the hole and press it down so it sticks. (It doesn't matter whether it's the rough type or the soft, I choose soft.)
Now take the rough Velcro ( unless you used the rough one first then you would use the soft one.) and place it on the under side of the sticky part so that when you put it over tho their Velcro piece they stick!

Step 4: DONE!!:D

Now all you have to do is put stuff in, fold up your pillow pet and your done! Make sure you put your stuff that your hiding in the middle of all the stuffing. If you have questions please ask comment and tell me what you think thanks! :D good luck!

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