Hidden Compartment Wood American Flag




I kept seeing these hidden compartment pieces and wanted one that would fit into a wall between the studs, and would be almost undetectable. This box is about 14.5 inches wide(the hidden box part!) and is about 3 and 1/4 inches deep, thus will sit flush on the wall, and not be seen!

I have also used an RFID lock on mine to keep the kids out of my stuff!

Step 1: Starting With the Wood!

For this flag I used old lathe boards, sanded and cut down to 1 inch wide. I painted every other one red, and skipped the area for the blue! I ligned them up and nailed them together from the back, so as not to see any screws or nails in the finished product!

Step 2: Cutting in the Blue

After learning from the first flag I made, this was much easier after the boards were screwed together using 1 and 1/4 inch screws. The wood is 3/4 inch so these were about perfect!

Step 3: Making the Box

This was made using 3/4 inch white board and using a kreg jig. Again, I did not want any screws visible from the outside. This jig also makes the joint pretty strong!

At this point I broke out the torch to burn this box a little before installing the flag on the front!

Step 4: Hinges

I used a pocket type hinge for the flag, enabling it to be opened when flush against the wall. These hinges allow the front to float out a bit to clear, without looking like it is away from the wall. Also they are pretty heavy duty, so will stand up to a lot of use!

These are able to have the foam installed on them pretty easily, and with forms cut out, can hold firearms etc upright with no problem. The back is 3/4 inch as well, so a shelf could be put in, or whatever you want!

Step 5: Finished Product!

The wife is loving this since with the RFID lock installed, the kids cannot find, or reach any of the handguns in the house, yet they are easily accessible in a hurry if needed, as I only have a small card, or a key fob and it opens in a second!

This one was for a friend and had a magnetic catch installed as he has no kids and does not need a lock!



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    Reply 1 year ago

    it opens down, but could be configured for any direction!


    1 year ago

    I absolutely agree with Swansong, the woodburning makes this piece beautiful. I love this piece, I love secret compartments especially when I know where they are and no one else does. Great Job. I would like to recreate the piece except maybe shape it in the shape of the 48s, but use the same idea of painting the flag on it.


    1 year ago

    That looks beautiful, I love the pattern from the wood burning :)

    1 reply