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Have you ever wanted a hiding place for some extra cash or anything you don't want prying eyes to see? Then this instructable may be for you. Following these steps you'll be able to make a hidden compartment inside a bottle of Gatorade with the contents still inside, so to the untrained eye it will appear to be an average bottle. All of the materials needed for this are pretty common and easy to collect.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

-E600 Glue
-A cap from a bottle of soda (coke will do)
-A tube of some sort, the one I used is a glass vile that I "borrowed" from a lab class.
-Of course a bottle of Gatorade, the darker the better that way the hidden compartment won't be noticeable.

total price of materials $10-$15 depending on what tube you use.

Materials Not Shown/Optional Materials
-Xacto knife
-Rubber Gloves

Step 2: Make Room for the Secret Compartment

Open the bottle of Gatorade and place it in a sink. Take the tube and place into the bottle slowly pushing it down so that the Gatorade over flows from the sides. Depending on the size and type of tube you can stick your finger into it that way you can easily get the tube out again, like I did. Don't push the tube too far in you want the too go the tube to be flush with the top of the bottle so be careful. You don't want to push out too much Gatorade or else the level will become too low and you'll be able to see inside.

Step 3: Modify the Bottle Cap

Take the bottle cap and make a hole in the center (doesn't have to be exact). You can use the Xacto knife or scissors or even a knife to do this. Once you have a hole keep making it bigger until it fits on your tube. After a while of using the Xacto knife I got tired and whipped out my Drexel and used a sanding bit to finish the job, but it can be done with the Xacto knife. This doesn't have to be pretty, the point of this is because the tube is much narrower than the Gatorade bottle. By placing the soda bottle cap on upside down it will make a nice snug fit with the Gatorade bottle which is important so that the Gatorade won't leak out.

Step 4: Glue the Cap to the Tube

Use the E6000 glue to stick the cap on the tube. You have to put it on opposite the way you would normally put a cap on. Be careful using the E6000 glue it is easy to make a mess. The instructions for the glue say to wait a full 24 hours before use, I don't think that is truly necessary for this project however leaving it over night or at least 6 hours should be okay before continuing.

Step 5: Glue the Tube to the Bottle

Once the glue is dry enough apply more E6000 to the outside of the tube. It's probably a good idea to use a healthy amount of glue. You want to make a full seal so it will be water proof. You can use the same technique as before by putting your finger in the tube before placing it in the bottle. Be careful some glue will ooze out of the top, be prepared for this make sure you have something to wipe the glue off with, I wasn't prepared and ended up using my fingers to get it off. The tube should be stable inside so you don't have to put anything to hold it. Again leaving the setup overnight is a good idea.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Secret Compartment

After the glue is dried your project is complete. You an test to make sure that the top is water proof by slowly tipping over the bottle. If there is a leak it is okay mine had two spots that had slow drips. You can easily put some E6000 on a tooth pick to get into the small spot or you can probably even use hot glue for this either way leaks aren't a problem. The compartment itself won't really be noticeable but depending on what you put into it, it might be noticeable. I put money in and it's pretty visible. To avoid this problem you can consider painting the outside of the tube before you place it in, also depending on what flavor Gatorade you use it may not be visible at all. Now that you're done you can fill up your secret stash spot and put it in your refrigerator in the back, hiding goods in plain sight is always the best hiding place.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I haven't ever tested it, but over time will the Gatorade not evaporate, like with other water-based drinks? Great idea by the way. I just wonder if the drink bottle was the way to go. I could see this working better with a dark (or solid colored) cleaner bottle that sits in the garage and rarely/never gets used.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, and no I don't think it will evaporate because when you put the E6000 glue you're making an air tight seal. Also you could use any bottle really but if you decide to use some kind of cleaner just make sure it wont eat through the tube. For this one i used a glass tube inside but if you use plastic, some cleaners may eat through it over time.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the heads up, this was my first instructable and i'm not really used to it yet, plus I couldn't use pixlr from my ipad when I was uploading it lol. It should be fixed now though thank you for your feedback