Hidden Door



These Beautiful Hidden Doors were built by a customer using Murphy Door inc. Surface Mount Bi-folding door hardware available at www.murphydoor.com for $149.95.  Available for shipping in the USA and Canada.  Also available at many retailers in the USA and Canada.  Click http://www.themurphydoor.com/find-a-dealer/ to find a dealer near you.  All instructions for building your door as well as installation videos are available at http://www.themurphydoor.com/support/instructional-resources/  Please feel free to take a look before you buy your hardware to see if this is a project you would like to take on.  Or if you would like Murphy Door Inc. offers fully assembled bookcase doors in Flush Mount (inswing/ outswing doors) as well as Bi-folding Bookcase doors.  These ship to Canada and the USA as well, starting at $749.00 




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