Hidden Gaming System.




Introduction: Hidden Gaming System.

Lets get started

Step 1: Hide Away Game System

First off this is my first instructable so its not going to be perfect. I aquired an old chest about 10 years ago and i never found a use for it so it sat in my shed all this time. Well our coffee table was on it's way out the door and it hit me, I have a coffee table in my shed in the form of a chest. I decieded to get creative and add an old flat screen TV I had laying around, After I installed the TV I got to thinking what good is a TV without an Xbox 360 to play on it. So it all went in together and now I'll show you my Instructable in a few easy steps.

Step 2: Tools Needed


1. Drill for drilling holes and removing screws

2. Screwdrivers for removing screws

3. hole saw for drilling hole for power to be feed through

4. Glue gun or industrial strength glue.

5. Drill bits small.


1. Plywood, I used cedar but you can use whatever you may have lying around.

2. Screws, I recycled some of the screws from the tv

3. 4 beer cans or soda cans, or 4 blocks of wood equal height

4. Glue

5. 4 pieces of tin with 90 degree angle

6. Paint

7. Trim of your choice

8. power strip.

Step 3: Demolition Time

Since I already had mine built when I decided to do this I had my tv apart already, but the process is simple. Every tv is different so basically take the back off your tv and then remove the plastic frame around the front of tv. In some cases if your chest is big enough you could leave the front plastic frame on and maybe the back as well. My chest has a 32" tv in it and i still had to remove the front and back as well as relocate the speakers to the back of the tv. My speakers were attached to the bottom front of the tv so i had to remove them in order to fit the tv into the lid of the chest. If you hadn't already done so go ahead and clean up your chest and paint it if you want to.

Step 4: Installation Time

Before we get to the tv we must drill a small hole on the bottom back side for our power strip plug to go through, once this is done glue the power strip to the bottom and feed the plug through the hole. Ok it's time to fit the tv into the lid, if you've taken the back off be carefull of the wires and components on the back. I attached all cables to the tv before setting it in the lid, I had 2 HDMI ports so i hooked up 2 HDMI cables, I also ran an audio cable to the PC port just in case I wanted to add a PC at a later date, basically hook up any cables you think you will use like a VGA cable for PC if your PC doesn't come with an HDMI port. Oh dont forget to make sure your ir sensor is hooked up as you will need that to control the tv. Ok after you got that done carefully set your tv into the lid with the speakers behind it. I glued the speakers to the back of the chest then set the tv in front of it. This is where your tin comes in, screw a piece of tin to all 4 sides of the chest to hold the tv in place, if you can't use screws then you can use glue of your choice just make sure it will hold the weight of the tv when you close the lid. Next step is the floor for your gaming system.

Step 5: Under Cover

In this step we will be measuring the inside of the chest and cutting a piece of plywood to fit inside. I left my plywood about an inch short on the long side so i could pull it out if I needed to, but hind sight is 20/20 as i should have glued a set of handles to the top of the plywood, it just makes it look nicer. Now get your glue gun out and glue your cans one in each corner now set your plywood in place on top of your soda cans. Almost done.

Step 6: Gaming Time

Now you want to set your Xbox 360 on the plywood and run your cables from the tv to your Xbox 360 and plug the power into the power strip. I removed the sides of the Xbox to give it more air but this step is optional. Next comes the PC if your installing one, go ahead and set it inside and hook it up to one of the cables coming from tv and the power to the power strip.

Step 7: Final Step

Last but not least is the trim for around the front of the tv if you had to take the frame off. Pick the trim of your choice and measure to fit around your tv then drill a small hole for the ir sensor and screw it to the back of your trim then glue or screw your trim around the tv and your done. Lets plug it in and try it out.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Cool. I love using old chests for projects. They just have a fun antique feeling that is fun to make into something new.


    Reply 3 years ago

    You can really do a lot with a chest, I'm planning a new build right now.

    Anirudh Ralhan
    Anirudh Ralhan

    3 years ago

    Awesome. Really clever ;)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you so much