Hidden Key in House Numbers





Introduction: Hidden Key in House Numbers

Cut a piece of plywood and three small ones that can lay on top of it.

Step 1: Sliders

Cut two sliders that can be glued onto the plywood to allow the small boards to slide.

Step 2: Glue the Sliders

Glue the sliders to the top and bottom.

Step 3: Key Hole

Carve a keyhole so your key will fit. Make sure to test it so you know your key fits. You will also want to glue down the middle slider and one of the outside ones. Just because the wont need to be opened.

Step 4: Applying Stickers

Apply stickers onto the numbers or paint them on.

Step 5: Arduino

Hook up a arduino to a light so when you open the sliding door there is a light.

Step 6: Final Product

The final product is a house number that you can hide a key in and nobody will find it. I hope you enjoy trying this. Good luck!



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    great idea I really like this, just a suggestion for someone who doesnt have a duino though, use a limit switch to allow power for your lamp, it would make it more simple and cheaper than using a duino

    1 reply

    What happens when your neibors see you take out or put the key back, aren't you afraid they will sell and steal your stuff

    great idea but u probably don't do it because all the viewers wilLl know. :p

    Really nice :D
    And i really agree with tomatoskins!

    This is such a great idea! I may suggest changing your cover image. I really like your last one showing the hidden key!