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Introduction: Hidden Menu Popup Cards

So I've actually sent both the cards I made now, but basically they turn out like a folded menu on the outside (splashed with some paint) with a pretty card inside. Will upload next one.

For this you'll need:

-card (I used menus from with that would otherwise be chucked-be inventive)
-paper (pref watercolour happy)
-paints and brushes
-PVA glue or gluestick
-Stanley knife
-needle and thread
-lighter or a source of flame
-typewriter (optional)
-good writing pen

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Step 1: Fold, Glue & Trim

Gold card and paper in half to match. Glue together. If the paper is longer than the card then trim it to match.

Step 2: Paint

Using a colour of your choice paint the inside of your letter. You can paint the outside also, if you'd like, but I liked the splattered look.

Step 3: BURN!

Burn the edges.of your paper if you want that look. I find it good to have three paper slightly damn do the flame doesn't spread to far.
I decided also to stain/scent my letter with liquorice tea.

Step 4: Type/ Write Your Message (optional)

You may wish to pre-write your message, as I did with my typewriter. Not all will have one, but you can probably do so on your computer (but in this case burn edges afterwards). Could also handwrite. I liked to handwrite my name and my recipient's name in nice ink.

Don't forget the space for the popup.

Step 5: Creating the Popup

Using the method mentioned here http://instructables.com/id/Christmas-Card-Guide for a layer popup, cut lines in the space left-making sure to do thus before stitching your card to the paper like I did first time... Makes cutting a lot more difficult once it's stuck.

Draw the picture you want to silhouette on one part of the flap - feel free to play with this. I decided to cut where I'd coloured dark, which left.not enough white linking,.and attempted to recover with sewing.

Second try, which is seen in pics is much nicer.

Step 6: Finish

Tada! Once your silhouette is cut out stitch the paper to the card - or glue if you like... I just like the look of stitching. I also then seed a small thread through the top and tied to close the "menu".

Add a flower or your scent and send away!

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