Hidden Mini-Safe




This is a little Stealth-Safe made out of an AccuDuster, or compressed gas used to clean out dust. What you can make it into after my tutorial is a super-stealth-mini-safe or what ever you want to call it. It is capable of holding small valuables, but ideal for money. Of course it is cool when it is done, but you may have some issues during the proccess in making this safe. So first, dont screw anything up and message me so i can give you helpful hints!

Step 1: Supplies

First, gather up all the supplies needed...
-The AccuDuster (or whatever you have)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Toilet Paper Roll
-Glass Can or Screw-top Can (anything fits into the Accuduster)
-Can Opener

Step 2: Wrapping

After you gather all your supplies, get only the toilet paper, and the glass bottle.
Take the toilet paper and wrap the glass bottle about 15-25 times firmly. (It all depends on what size of a can you have.)
What you also need to do, is get about 7 to 10 squares of toilet paper, and fold them on top of eachother. This will be on the bottom of the can.
It should look like some of the pictures below.

Step 3: Cutting Open the AccuDuster Can

First, carefully set aside the glass bottle and the toilet paper.
Next, get the can opener and get your can.
Open up the can at its base. Look at some of the pictures below.
After opening it up, sand down the edges so you do not get cut. Get the squares that you made, and put them into the base. After that, get your glass bottle wrapped in toilet paper and carefully slide it into the can. You should have a little space left around the edges, About 1-2mm left. You are done with the cutting and wrapping now!

Step 4: Glue

With your glass and toilet paper still in the can, hot glue the top of the tolet paper to the car, but only around the edges. After that, get the cap of the glass bottle, and hot glue that to the bottom piece of the can that you had cut off with the can opener. if you did it correctly, you should be able to screw on the cap to the bottle and... THERE YOU GO! YOU ARE FINISHED!!



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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    People seem worried about the can getting thrown away. If you put this on a shelf with a few others of the same can and keep it in the back, chances are no one will touch it.

    Hey look! Compressed air to clean my keyboard... *snag* Later.... This doesn't work! *chucks into garbage* Ooops.... Neat idea! I always enjoy different ideas for safes, nothing personal with the joke.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not accusing you, but you look like you copied HouseholdHacker from YouTube.