Hidden Nougat Egg



Introduction: Hidden Nougat Egg

Hello my dear!

Today I will show you, how to turn a regular egg into a nougat-treasure!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

The ingredients are:

An egg

And nougat

The stuff that will come in handy:

Some sort of pointy thing to poke a hole in your egg

Water.... For cleaning your egg and for melting the nougat

A pot, for cleaning the egg

A stove to put the pot on

A bowl, for melting the nougat

A plastic-bag

An egg-cup


A knife, to cut the nougat

A towel to dry your eggshell on, and to clean the spilled nougat

And, if you want to decorate your egg, some sort of white sticker, to close the hole in your egg and protect the nougat

Step 2: Poke a Hole

Carefully poke a hole into the bottom of your egg.

The hole needs to be big enough to get out the egg-stuff and get in the nougat.

Step 3: Pour Out

Since we need space inside the egg for the nougat, all the egg-white and egg-yolk needs to leave.

Pour and shake it out.

Use a small stick, if you have to.

Be careful not to harm the shell.

Step 4: Clean It

To get rid of the access egg-stuff, clean your egg with water.

Fill a pot with water and boil the egg in it for a while.

Clean the egg afterwards with fresh water.

Put it up, hole down, to dry.

Step 5: Nougat

Once your egg is dry, it is time to melt your nougat.

I do so, like I temper my chocolate.

Take as much of your nougat as you think you will need to fill the egg.

Put it into your freezer-save plastic-bag.

Step 6: Melting

Knot it shut.

Fill your bowl with hot tab-water and place the bag inside.

Start massaging the bag until your nougat has melted completely.

Step 7: Fill the Egg

Take your egg-cup and place the egg upside down into the cup, so that your hole is facing upwards.

Cut a corner of your nougat-bag.

Carefully start pouring nougat from the bag into the egg.

Shake your egg once in a while to make sure the nougat settles well and you do not have any air-holes.

Fill your egg up nicely.

Do not mind spilled nougat on the egg.

You can wipe it away later.

Step 8: Solid Nougat

Put your egg into the freezer for some time.

Half an hour should suffice. More can't do harm.

When you take it out, take a damp towel and wipe away spilled nougat.

Clean your egg up nicely.

If you want to trick someone with the egg, you are done now.

Just place it into an egg-cup, hole down, and serve it to your victim.

If you want to colour your egg, please read on!

Step 9: Close It Up

Alright, now take your sticker.

The best way to do this is to draw a circle big enough to easily cover your hole.

Draw a smaller circle within, big enough to cover your hole.

Cut out the bigger circle and cut in to the smaller circle, to form little flaps.

Now you can stick the sticker over the hole in your egg to cover it.

The flaps will overlap to better fit the egg's form.

Step 10: Add Colour

Once the hole in your egg is sealed you can decorate it.

I guess spray-paint will work best, but you can also paint it, draw on it, or cover it with something interesting, like glitter.

If you use glitter, like I did for the one on the picture, I recommend using eatable glue to cover the egg in, and then roll it in eatable glitter... Since glitter has the tendency to be everywhere, once you decided to use it...

Colour does not need to be food-proof, since it won't touch the nougat.

I hope you liked the instructable.

If you did so, please vote for it in the contests!

Thank you, and happy easter!!

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