Hidden QR Code Cookies


Introduction: Hidden QR Code Cookies

My Daughter Shelbie and I made Cookies with Hidden QR codes.  The QR code is hidden by Frosting and when you lick it off  the frosting, the QR is revealed.
First we decided what QR code to use.
"Shelbie's Cookies are great!"

Then I created a Stamp made from basswood pieces, 1 inch and 1/2 inch
There were 625 pixels in the QR code so we needed 315 long and 315 short. I cut them out with a razor saw and miter box.
I glued them into place using Elmers glue. Its important to remember to make the stamp mirrored.
Then we made a simple sugar cookie recipe  and a fudge buttercream frosting.
We rolled the cookies really thin then pressed the stamp into the cookie.
Then baked them quickly so they wouldnt rise. and distort the QR code.

It took us several tries to get a QR code to scan.   We will keep refining this idea.  



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    "It took us several tries to get a QR code to scan. " Do you think that the problem was that you may not have included the "quiet zone" border around the code?

    Yeah, I would love to see more on this. Like how you made the stamp! There are definitely cookie recipes out there that would not rise and distort as much too. Great work!

    1 reply

    i will put up an instructable about how i made the stamp
    once i had all the sticks cut it went suprisingly fast

    This is a very interresting idea. You could use QR codes that also is a (somewhat pixelated) image

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    lots of room for enhancment here! logos, symbols...
    It would be really cool to have the stamps made out of a 3D printer.
    then you could have lots of different messages and make them
    Hi-tech fortune cookies.