Hidden Secret Compartment ( in Plain Sight )

Introduction: Hidden Secret Compartment ( in Plain Sight )

The reason I decided to do this project, was so that i can hide my small projects from my family and also a small storage; so i decided to make secret compartment. I'm only going to say this once, but the only reason this thing looks sloppy is because I had to redo it multiple times trying to find something that will work. So instead of using a door hinge I did the next best thing.

Hot Glue Gun
Knife ( The material I'm cutting through is Dry Wall, so it's soft)
Original Material That Was There
Pieces Of Wood
Measuring Tape

Step 1: Mark Out the Area

Using a pen (or pencil ) measure the area with the measuring tape and then mark it out using the pen ( or pencil). For Me I had to use a wooden template since I suck at drawing lines.

Step 2: Cut Out the Area

Now this is the most crucial part of the project, and i can't stress how crucial it is. You have to cut it out slowly and steady or else it will mess-up the whole operation. as you can see I butchered mine's , a lot, so it looks messy. Another thing you need to watch is what your cutting with, the knife worked for me cause it can cut and it's thin. so you have to use a thin blade or cutter, like a dremel.

Step 3: Put the Base

Next using the hot glue gun, take one of the pieces of wood that would be good for a base and hot glue it onto the wall. your going to have to hold it there for a while until it hardens.
Optional: If you want you can take another piece of wood that can work for a base and make two shelves.

Step 4: Put the Blocker

The blocker as you can see in the images above is to keep the cover ( or the material that was already there from falling inward. using the hot glue gun again take any small piece of wood and hot glue it to the back leaving a little bit of it hanging out. It should look like the last picture ( Not exactly, like it).

Step 5: Fill It Up

Now put all of your small projects and nick-nacks inside to store them or hide them. Like if you wanted to hide the remote for the tv from your siblings, so you can be the first. Or if you wanted to hide your DS from your parents. Maybe you just want to have a place to put your flashlight when power goes(witch happens frequently).What ever the reason you can hide your things from the eyes of other and in plain sight.

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