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Introduction: Hidden Secret Hiding Places Jewelry Box

About: I'm a journeyman Electrician ,ControlsTechnician,electronics engineer ,I have 4 dogs and a cat and a lust for information and learning

Here is a special Jewelry Box that I am still using to hide special stuff from the wife ..LOL ..Enjoy

Step 1: Locking Feet for the Lower Hidden Drawer

I used a Miter Jig to cut channels into the feet of the Jewelry Box and then cut two tiny triangular chips to slide into the channels ..They work as hidden locks

Step 2: But That’s Not All .... Looks Like a Normal Mirror ?

Behind the mirror is another hidden cavity with a hidden and lockable space for the special stuff

Step 3: Hidden Cavity Behind the Mirror That Looks Like a Piece of Walnut

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    2 years ago

    Beautiful piece, but disappointed that there aren't more photos & explanations