Hidden Things in Mat




Introduction: Hidden Things in Mat

This is something very easy to make and wont take long to make and can save you one day if you forget your keys. And most people think of it just being under the mat but never check inside?

Step 1: Get a Mat

Step 2: Tools

Get a pair of scissors, plastic bag, item you want to hide (keys)

Step 3: Cut Hole on the Side of the Mat

Make sure you have good scissors to cut it because it is hard to cut

Step 4: Put the Key in the Zip Lock Bag and Place in the Mat and You Are Done and Its Hidden in Plain Sight



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    That's a good place to keep one :) We had a figurine that had a false bottom when I was a kid where we kept the spare key.

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    Latchkey kid too eh? Ah those were the days.