Hidden Wires for Flat Screen TV With PVC Pipe





Introduction: Hidden Wires for Flat Screen TV With PVC Pipe

Easy DIY for hiding ugly hdmi and other cables for TV/media center.

Step 1: Assemble Pvc

After framing TV wall cut pvc pipe to desired length. Youll need 2 90 degree elbows soothe wires will slide nice and easy through the wall. Use pipe clamps to secure to framing

Step 2: Sheetrock the Wall

Sheet rock wall

Step 3: Paint

Paint walls desired colors. Use square plates to finish the inlets and outlets of pvc pipe



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    1 year ago

    Looks great! Big job, I can tell you hate exposed and tangled cables as much as I do!

    Definitely would have preferred a door/hatch to the back portion and a means of keeping the tivo and the xbox or whatever back there. Nothing but screen and remote visible + access for modifications would be beautiful!

    I guess you could use a ladder and go over the top. Would be cool to post some followup on how it works for ya + any changes you have made!

    That looks really good. I have been wanting to do something like this myself. Thanks for posting the tutorial.

    Wasn't it kind of lossy to not put some shelves under the TV? I imagine you now need an additional piece of furniture to hold these.

    Where do you put all your components? With all that space behind the wall why not make built in shelves to hide everything?

    Brayton Larson. What are you talking about? You simply pull the wires through the pvc no taking down wall.

    I think these things are great in theory and for aethstetics but when it comes time to replace my DVD player I've got to rip out my wall to do it.

    Thanks ^