Hidden Ceiling Compartment

Introduction: Hidden Ceiling Compartment

This is my first instructable, so bare with me.

Before you start cutting with the Sheetrock saw. drill a hole with a drill and check for wires.

HVAC vent cover
1/2" sheetrock screws (two)
small cardboard box
Sheetrock saw
utility knife
screw gun or screwdriver

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Step 1: Cut the Hole

Find the space you want to put it (i put mine in the side of the drop down* in my basement), then trace the vent cover. Use the Sheetrock saw to cut the hole.

*what i mean by a drop down is where the duct work for your house runs.

Step 2: Cut the Box

You need to cut the box to fit inside the hole, just to keep everything together.

Step 3: Place the Vent Cover in the Hole

Place the vent cover in the hole, after you've stashed everything, secure the vent cover with the Sheetrock screws.


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