Hidden Compartment in a Button Cell!!




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Finding some place to store a micro sd card is a bit difficult thing and hiding them from people and not losing them a lot difficult.
A small sd card can store a lot, a 64 Gb chip can store any valuable thing. It could be old memories, contacts, bank account number or even some secret pictures or data.

You can make one of this kind of hidden compartment in less than a dollar.

This kind of hidden compartments are never noticed by people. And to my surprise while making this compartment I drooped the Cell with the chip inside it and the chip did not fall out even without the lid, the chip was right there!!


Step 1: Tool Required!!

  • For this DIY I have used a old drained out button cell CR2025 but you can use any until there is enough space for the CHIP.

  • A sharp screw driver.

  • and small hammer to or even a plyer or some sort of little bit heavy thing.

Step 2: Open It Up

First of all make sure there is no charge in the cell by using a LED or a voltmeter.

Open up the cell with help of the screw driver, by applying some force on all the sides it should look like shone in the Image.
Then with help of the screwdriver remove the lid.

Step 3: Clean Clean Clean ! ! !

Remove the black powder from the cell.
Either using some cotton or washing the cell, remove every thing from inside.

Step 4: Time to Test It

Looks like we have some problem putting the CHIP inside the cell.
The CHIP does not fit inside the cell!!

The white ring around the cell is creating some problem.
You can take the ring out using a sharp tool and with help of a wire cutter or a normal craft cutter, cut some part of the ring like shone in the IMAGE.
Put the ring back to its place and try it again.

"Voila" The CHIP fits perfectly inside the cell.

Now place the lid on top of the cell and with a gentle push using your hand or a hammer or a rock put the lid back like a new cell.

Step 5: A Hidden Compartment Inside a Cell

Now go find some dead cells and make one your self!!
You can put a neodymium magnet behind the cell and place it on a refrigerate, door or any place where you can find it easily..
you can even put it back inside a calculator watch or any electronic device using this kind of cell.

Please do let me know any questions or problem on this DIY and also let me know what you hide inside your hidden compartment.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    It has a nice fantasy, but remember that lithium is very polluting.

    Is it easy to tell that you have opened the battery when you look at the side not shown in the last picture? I feel like opening it like that would bend the metal, and that would make it kind of obvious. What does the other side look like?

    3 replies

    Oh, also, a quick word about safety:
    The tools and surface you used are now covered with acid. If you used a porous surface, the acid has seeped into it. Be very, very careful and make sure you clean off your tools and worksurface thoroughly, and be VERY careful not to touch your eyes!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Worth noting is that the battery acid can still cause damage even if the battery is dead so try not to get the contents of the battery on yourself.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Does anyone know an easy way to discharge batteries?


    5 years ago

    On the mobile it says hidden compartment in the butt...