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Introduction: Hidden Drying Rack

The beauty of this design is that it hangs over the sink so the dishes drip into the sink and down the drain. No puddle to clean up! The doors keep the dust out while they dry (My workshop is a dusty place). Mine is made entirely out of found stuff, but you can make a nicer version by buying a new cabinet and a stainless rack etc.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

For the materials you'll need a cabinet and a wire shelf/ rack that will let water drip past while holding your dishes. The rack is steel with a thick plastic or paint coating. I think stainless would be better.

Step 2: Prep Your Materials

You'll probably need to cut your wire rack in most cases, I used a 4" grinder with a cut off wheel. You could also use bolt cutters, depending on how visible the rack will be. The cabinet will need to have the bottom cut out, I used a jig saw. You might decide to build a new bottom to hold the rack. My plan was to punch it out, install a rack and hang it up. I just needed a way to wash dishes, nothing pretty.

Step 3: Install Rack in Cabinet

After you have cut your rack to fit inside the cabinet, put the two together and that's it. In my case I had a shelf with an overhang at the front. I put that towards the back, i could have cut it off but I figured it added strength.

Step 4: Hang Cupboard Directly Above Sink

For this step I decided to hang the cabinet on 2 x 4's which spanned the studs in the wall. The thickness was important to bring the cupboard out far enough to ensure that a lot of water didn't end up on the floor or behind the sink. Also by screwing the cabinet to 2 x 4's longer than the sink, I was able to position the cabinet directly over the sink.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The doors wont close with my frying pan inside so I did this, thought I'd share.

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