Hidden in the Crutch

Hidden compartments have always been fascinating, for young and old. You can hide something in almost any object. When I look around a room, I see potential. In this case, I saw potential in this crutch in the dumpster.

This project is easy and doesn't require any special tools, just a drill.

Step 1: Supplies

You only need two supplies for this project.

1. Wooden Crutch

2. Money or something to hide.

Step 2: Drilling

The only building step in this project is drilling.

Remove the rubber bottom and drill into the wood. You can go as deep as you want. I went as far as I could since, well, why not?

Drill Bit Selection: To pick the size of a drill bit, make sure it will be big enough for what you are to be hiding. In this case I thought of money, so I chose a bit slightly bigger than a rolled up dollar.

Step 3: Hide

Now all you need to do is hide your item in the crutch, replace the rubber boot, and then walk around with a crutch!

You get double protection from thievery with this project, 1. Your valuables are hidden 2. who would rob an injured fellow?

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    I like these secret hiding place ideas, just make sure you don't have them on you going through airport screening, guaranteed to have you "interviewed" while your flight departs, even if empty.

    2 replies

    You would be in for a surprise then if you think that. It is well- established security protocol to be alert for breachable screening attempts, such as trying to evade with a seemingly simple and innocent device. Mules use this tactic (an empty vessel or unimportant content) to see first if they can transport contraband safely without detection, and medical devices and equipment are favored instruments. I'm not trying to diminish your submission, but it may have unintended consequences for some.


    4 years ago

    Metal crutch would probably work better. Thanks for the idea though, that's an excellent idea.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    It would for bigger item, but it would be noisy if the item was not snug in the tube.

    Thanks for commenting!