Hidden Locker

Introduction: Hidden Locker

I have made this for hidding my key and my money wallet to save it from by little brother . It may be useful to you to save it from family members.

Materials required;

  • an old radio
  • an serew driver set
  • an cello tape
  • scissor
  • important keys

Step 1: Step :1

Take an old radio and open it.

Step 2: Step : 2

Take an old radio and remove all the chips with the help of adult support

Step 3: Step :3

Place a chart paper to see the difference between the radio and keys.

Step 4:

Hang the keys and close the radio.

IT must look like a ordinary one .

Thats it cool locker ready.

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    4 years ago

    good idea, but theives around here whould steal the radio....lol


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Really cool! I love using stereo's for their unintended purposes!