Hidden Picture Frame


Introduction: Hidden Picture Frame

Here is my project of the hidden picture frame that I made to put and arduino in and to hide things in

Step 1:

Te first thing I did was I cut the piece of wood out for the picture frame and the box behind the picture frame.

Step 2:

Second thing that I did was i glued the picture frame together and then stained it.

Step 3:

The third thing that I did was I did the two coats of varnish.

Step 4:

Then I stained and varnished the box that goes behind the picture frame.

Step 5:

For step 5 I got 1 inch hinges so I could screw together the box and the picture frame .

Step 6:

For step six I cut the piece of glass out that would go into the the picture frame and then I cut a piece of carboard out to keep the plexy glass from cracking.

Step 7:

For step 7 I created the arduino and put it into the picture frame

Step 8: Completed Project

Here is what my completed project looks like

Step 9:



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    Excellent instructable! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!