Hidden Table Led Lights for Balcony

Introduction: Hidden Table Led Lights for Balcony

cheap , easy and nice looking

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Step 1: Need a Few Materials

Its an easy and fun project i'll list the items needed as we go.

i'm using this on our balcony for lighting.Its discrete really 0no eye strain from the leds and fun to build

1) some length ol 12v led strip (depending on the table) i got it here 12v strip

Step 2: Cutting the Strip and Holding It in Place

1.Cut your led strip in size for your table at the junction points. (see pic with the cutter) also notice there are polarity signs for use later on.

measure it 5 cm ~2 inches towards the center of the table (so no eye strain later)

2.Glue the strips with a good glue don't wait it to hold in place with is own low quality double sided glue (too thin).

Step 3: Soldering and Battery

So you cut everything time to solder the cut strips. take a look at the pic .

connect + with next strip + and - with next strip -.

you will need soldreing iron and solder and a few small pieces of wire.
first get your soldering iron hot , cut the wire according to the distance you need and prepare the edges (cut the insulation )
solder them before you try to solder on the strip (makes it easier)

I got 3 used 18650 from an old laptop battery for my power source stuck the together in series

and put a plastic connector for easy charging and removal.

they are connected in series so u have 4.2 * 3 = 12.6 V when fully charged and .... around 2200 mah to use until recharge.

so connect your batteries either as i did (if they where new i would not solder them) or use a plastic holder like this:

plastic holder for 18650 batteries (in series) and there are other for parallel also.

so i got a old watch metal case used some insulation on the batteries and put the inside with a switch in series for turning the light on

Step 4: Finishing Up

Just get the box in a place that you wont hit with your legs and where you can easily get in off if needed.

next there are pics of this simple thing working

Step 5: Leds Are Nice

well i'l be using a solar panel to charge the 18650 battery pack so i'll add some pics of the ic and the dc dc converter that i'll be using in a few days.

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    4 years ago

    any idea where u can get sample.led strips


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! The lights look really cool under that little table. Thanks for sharing!