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I made this blade with the bottom half of a old used file. A quick run down of the steps.
I took the temper out of the blade- cut the file in half- drew the out line- ground out the profile on a rough grinding wheel- hollow ground the blade- cleaned up the edges and removed the file and tooling marks- tempered the steel and quenched- heat treated the blade at 400 for an hour (twice)- epoxy and pinned the knife to the handle (along with the mosaic pin). Inbetween these steps I also cut a piece of teak, drilled the vertical shaft for the tang, drilled the hole for the mosaic pin, cut the slot for the blade, profiled and rounded the wood.

To finish the blade I wrapped the blade with masking tape and finished the sanding the wood and applied 2 coats of stain, after this dried i appied 3 clear coats. Then with my lansky sharpener I gave the blade a razor sharp edge and used a srtop to hone it to perfection. I also crafted the sheath. this is my third blade and im really pleased with it. it hold a good edge too!

I plan on using this knife on my hiking trips, let me know what you guys think!

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    hey i need some help. i still havent made the handle for my file knife. check out my 'ible. so what the best way to secure the knife an handle/wood together.

    Dusk Shadows

    7 years ago on Introduction

    scoff scoff knives so easy to destroy BTW i can destroy the back and front of the knife in 5 seconds =) evil smiley face

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    alot of hand sanding with 500 grit and then a buffing wheel. you can see a few tooling marks but it is overall ver nice and holds a great edge!