Hidden Wireless Keyboard/mouse Usb Dongle & Free Up a Usb Port




Introduction: Hidden Wireless Keyboard/mouse Usb Dongle & Free Up a Usb Port

This is my very first instructional so if i miss something or it is hard to understand please contact me :)

Logitech make great wireless keyboards but the receiver dongle isn't strong enough to work from a rear usb port for me so i had to sacrifice a front usb just so my keyboard would work reliably. Well not anymore!

You will need:
Unused Pc case with usb pcb
Soldering iron
Solder sucker
Wire cutter & stripper
Glue gun
About 5 minutes

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Step 1: Finding the Usb Pcb

Find a pc case you don't need that has front usb ports. Remove the front and the usb port pcb.

Fire up your Soldering iron for the next step.

Step 2: Removing the Port

Now you have found the usb port you need to remove it from the pcb. Get your soldering iron and solder sucker or wick and give it ago.

When you have it off use the original wiring from the port and solder it to the usb port matching my photo.

Step 3: Installing the Newly Made Usb Port.

Feed the wire through the front of the case and plug into a usb header on your motherboard.

Insulate the explosed usb port with glue gun or tape and glue to the case. Pop the front back on and your all done!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice "ible". I just wanted to point out that for someone who doesn't want to solder, it is possible to just plug in the extra front USB port unmodified into the extra internal header and then you still have the use of both. This "ible" has inspired me to do just that. I intend to use it for keeping a thumbdrive always plugged in on the inside. Another idea would be to solder the wires directly to the dongle, in case a person doesn't have a spare PC they can cannibalize. Good use of that extra USB header in any case. :D