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Introduction: Hide-A-Book With a Twist...

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A good friend of mine has just graduated from Medical School, and since I could not be there for the graduation (whole Atlantic Ocean thing in the way), I thought I would whip something up as a present. There is nothing extremely new in this instructable, as there are many variations on this website.

I decided to make a book to use as a display case for his new office (after 5 years of residency-sucker)

I went for the medical theme on this one using an old medical dictionary (not too old, as that would be a sin to destroy a book with history) and filled it with some unique medical supplies that would spark conversation. Enjoy, and please post comments, suggestions, pros and cons. Cheers.

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Step 1: Materials

The Materials for this project are simple. The only challenge is finding the appropriate book and items you want to display that incorporate your theme.

-Book (Hard backs are best, and avoid books with glossy pages)
-Items to display (For mine I have chosen a pre 1920's glass syringe and an old apothecaries medication bottle.

-PVA glue and water
-Utility knife
-Small brush
-Cling wrap
-Engraved plate
-Some type of weights
-Time and patience

Step 2: Sealing the Book

Many people have suggested ways to seal the book, screwing the pages together, or no sealing at all.

I like to take the first 5-10 pages and separate them from the book with cling wrap. Then mix 1 part PVA glue and water and brush onto the remaining pages, be generous, as you want it to soak through.

When you have finished brushing, place the book on a flat surface and apply weights. I left mine over night. Then continue to add several more coats to strengthen the sides. The glue/water will try in about 20 mins.

By this time, you should have a solid base with some loose pages (saved by the cling wrap).

Step 3: Cut, Cut, Take a Break, and Cut Some More.

This is the tedious bit. Outline where you want to cut and use the ruler as a guide for the fist couple of incisions. Depending on how large your display items are you will define how deep you have to go. As anyone who has tried this type of project before, this could take a while, so put the kettle on, pop in a moving and get cutting. You will want to use a large utility knife to help get a straight edge, and be cautious of the corners, as these can get out of control (you will see if you try)

Mare sure you go a little deeper than needed to allow for extra clearance.

Use your display items as a guide while you cut.

You can now fold over one of the extra pages and cut come slits and glue over the cut areas. This will give the cut out area a clean and smooth look.

When you are finished, apply some more glue/water to in new inside walls and place the weights back on overnight.

Step 4: Felt Er' Up

For this project, I applied the felt to the upper rim, and then proceeded to apply the larger base piece. This may take some trial and error, but before you super glue the felt on make sure it fits. I did not do the whole area, as the items would be covering most of it.

Step 5: Plaque and Display

Final step. Fit everything in and apply the engraved plaque where desired. I got mine done at the local key maker for a couple dollars. I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and whether you're making it for yourself or a friend, I hope they like it too. Please post comments, suggestions and rate it if you like it. Cheers.

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    10 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 3

    To ensure that your corners don't overshoot, you could try drilling small pilot holes at the corners with a very very sharp drill bit... Your craft knife will have an easier time stopping at the corners...


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Couldn't you use glue to make the entire book solid(minus a few pages on each side for realism) and then just use a dremel to carve out the insides?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    My thoughts exactly, but if only the world were that simple, I myself did this (minus the med themed contents; so the book)  and I do not own a dremel, I found some suspiciously similar but very large looking ones (dad owns an autoshop) but something told me that I shouldn't touch this :P

    A dremel would make things a lot easier and simpler, but there's something about manual labor that shows you care about the other person.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    With a little patience, I found them on ebay. Auction or fle markets might work as well.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Ahh the cutting takes forever trust me i know... ive done something like that i quit :P