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This is a easy hiding spot that blends in your closet and keeps money or anything small and not bulky inconspicuous to anyone on the prowl for your stash.

Step 1: The Materials

A non pocketed shirt
A small zip lock bag
A hanger
Sewing machine or needle and thread but you can opt to use duct tape instead

Step 2: Sewing the Shirt

Choose a shirt with no pockets because someone could check that shirt before messing with one that didn't have them. A shirt with embroidered letters is good for added bulk. I took my shirt (do not turn inside out) and placed the little baggie under the side I would be hanging towards the wall of my closet. Lay it on the shirts seam and pin the 3 layers together.(front of shirt, baggie, back of shirt) The baggie I am using is pretty heavy duty and can withstand a sewing machine. if yours is not or you have no sewing materials use duct tape. My way is a little more fool proof but you can tweek the idea to suit what materials you have. ok Now sew along the existing seam. your baggie should be in place. I used white thread to show the step but using a similar thread of the seam would be better.

Step 3: Hide Your Stash and Hang Your Shirt

Reach in and place what you want hid in the baggie. Zip it shut and return to normal. Hang the shirt on a hanger and hang it in your closet. The baggie side should face the wall. A good hiding spot!

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    5 years ago

    to hide it easily. and yes in the instructions I mentioned using duct tape but I love the carpet tape idea. The white thread was to show the step and visual but definitely use the same color thread if sewing

    Use duct tape or two-sided carpet tape instead of sewing. Then you can opt to take the stash and keep it bagged.


    5 years ago

    I'm guessing to his something from others inside the shirt....problem is using white thread on that color of shirt makes it stand out