Hide Things From You Parents, Roommates, Landlords Etc!

Introduction: Hide Things From You Parents, Roommates, Landlords Etc!

As a teenager i was always hiding things from my mom and dad, looking back on it i was quite creative with it, and none of it ever got found! Going to do a quick one of these to show you the best places i found to hide things, from fireworks to cigarettes. Hope you enjoy

Step 1: In an Old Coat Pocket!

Great place to hide ciggys or fireworks, or whatever you can think of! Make sure its a coat your parents aren't going to take it to wash or throw away, always put your items in the pocket nearest the back (inside pocket even better!). For extra safety, wrap them up in a glove or hat in the pocket.

Step 2: Get Yourself a Booksafe!

I picked up one of these badboys for £5.00!! looks like a dictionary, inside a safe with a key lock! Great place to hide larger things, Its best on a high up bookshelf, but i didn't have one of those. It also comes in useful when you go on holiday for hiding car keys etc. Blends in well with other books, as you can see

Step 3: DVD Cases!

Excellent Place to hide money, or a single cigarette, If you have a large dvd collection, this is a good idea! make sure to choose one you know your parents aren't going to watch, And make a note of what dvd its in! i lost £60 then found it years later in a top gear dvd haha!

Step 4: Money Box/Piggy Bank

If you have a large(ish) piggy bank or money box, you can easily fit fireworks or small objects in there, and your parents aren't going to look in there, unless they are stealing your money!

Step 5: In Your Speakers!

Floor standing speakers have holes in the back (i cant think what they are called) most speakers have the back against a wall, so you cant see it!, make sure the whole has a mesh in the back, otherwise your items will be sucked in the speaker, not good! they're large enough for some items, money especially.

My other speakers have a protective grill on the front, which is removable, great place to hide things! no body is gonna look there!

Step 6: Got a Canvas Picture on Your Wall? Great!

Lots of people have canvas' on their  walls, i had one above my bed, they have little wooden ledges inside, and these are fantastic hiding places! Again, who's gonna look there! just make sure they fit and don't produce a lump in the canvas!

Hope you enjoyed these hiding places, and i hope they come in useful!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    haha thanks for that! never thought about the draw one, done the bottom but who hasn't!

    Nostalgic Guy

    Another good place is the back of drawers (not the bottom) they seldom go all the way to the back of the carcase so you usually find a couple of inches at least, a small box attached to the back can hold a multitude of items.
    Also the fascia on the base of many items of furniture can easily be removed without damaging the furniture or leaving a trace; I used to keep a steel lock box containing two colt revolvers under a wardrobe, even my girlfriend who lived with me for seven years didn't know they were there & it was her wardrobe :-)