Hide a Message/money in the Oil Pastel Box.

Introduction: Hide a Message/money in the Oil Pastel Box.

while im in elementary school, sometimes i lost my wallet and i used to cry that time because i don't have money anymore to pay my transportation, so i walked for several hours to return in my house . so, whenever my parents give me money i put my money in the box of oil pastel so that they will never recognize where my money is.

you can hide there your secret message.

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Step 1: Open Up Your Box!

using DONG-A oil pastel box or any kind of box that you can hide your message

Step 2: Insert Inside Your Message

inside the box there is another carton , insert inside your message and return the carton after that, place properly the oil pastels in the box slide to close the box, and that's it.. your message is well hidden!!

Step 3:

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