Hide an Electrical Cord (under $5)

Introduction: Hide an Electrical Cord (under $5)

Hide an electrical cord in three easy steps. Materials are easy to find, and easy to work with. The Example shown here is an electrical cord in the Bathroom where there's only one outlet and we needed a Radio away from the water faucet. We have also used this to hide and organize the dreaded Computer Cables.

Here's what you'll need:

A section of "Vinyl Inside Corner" which is used to hide seams in 4' x 8' Sheets of Wall Paneling. The Inside Corner shown in the pictures is available at our local Home Center for $3.49 for an 8' section. Note: There are different sizes of the Vinyl Inside Corner, which work with different thicknesses of Wall Paneling. If you want to hide thicker cords, or more than one cord, just use the Inside Corner designed for thicker Paneling.

Adhesive (we used a Repositionable Adhesive called "Glue Dots") The Glue Dots are similar to the material used to hold Credit Cards in place in Mailings. We used these so we could occasionally move the Cord for cleaning behind it, and then put it back in place.


1. Measure the length you'll need to hide the cord.

2. Cut the Vinyl Inside Corner to length. Easy to cut using a Circular Saw, Hacksaw, or sharp knife.

3. Feed the cord through the Vinyl, starting on the end near the plug for best appearance.

4. Apply Glue Dots/Adhesive to Vinyl Corner and press into place. (Make sure you choose your adhesive so that it does not stain your surface.)

You are done, already.

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    3 years ago

    What a great way to hide your cord!