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Have you ever thought you wanted to start your task as soon as possible when you woke up? But it’s too difficult to work on the bed. If only you have this smart desk, you can do everything you ever wanted! You don’t have to worry about storing it since this desk can be hidden easily.

This is the idea about easy “Hide and Use” desk.

Why don’t you try this idea to make every day much better!

Step 1: Prepare Materials

-wood board(450 mm × 250 mm)

-2 long boards(910 mm × 9 mm)

-2 short boards(600 mm × 9 mm)

-4 metal fittings

-6 hooks

-2 bolts and washers

-16 screws






Step 2: Make a Desk(1)

Make 2 holes on 4 corners of the wood board with a gimlet.

The size of hole is smaller than the screw.

The metal fittings will be fixed to this board.

Cover the wood board with the cloth. Fix the board and cloth with the metal fittings and screws.

Then, be careful not to make wrinkles in the cloth.

Cut the cloth into the same size of the board.

It will be all right that the cloth cut is slightly larger than the board.

If the cloth slips, tape the edge of the cloth.

Step 3: Make a Desk(2)

Fix the short board to the short side of the board with fittings.

Put the excess cloth between the short board and the wood board.

Similarly, fix the other sides.

Step 4: Fix Hooks

Fix the hook to the top of the long board.

This hook will catch a chain.

Similarly, fix the other long board.

Fix the hook to the same side as cloth of top of the short board.

Similarly, fix the other side.

And, fix the hook to center of long board to hang the loose chain.

Step 5: Fix Bolts

Put long boards and short boards side by side lining up these edges to decide the position of holes.

Mark each board to make holes.

Make large holes at the marks with a screwdriver.

The size of hole is slightly larger than the bolt.

Fasten the long board and the short board with a bolt. Similarly, fasten other boards.

Step 6: Chain and Attach

Attach the long board to the short board with hooks.

The board will be not horizontal because the chain is long, so, you should cut it so that the board can be horizontal.

Finally, attach the long timbers to the backrest of your bed with a wire or a rope.

And taking the board down, you can use your laptop or something else on your bed!



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    2 years ago

    This is a great idea for a small space :)