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Introduction: Hide in Electronics

I am having a pen-drive which contains a highly confidential data, that a lot of people are trying to seize it. So I the following method to hide the pen-drive. This may also be helpful for you so i posted this instructable to hide things inside electronic goods like desktop CPU and mobile-phone charger.

The step by step procedure to hide things in a desktop CPU flows from 1 to 4 and that for hiding things in a mobile-phone charger flows from 5 to 7. Since I am hiding a pen-drive here I mention it all over the instructions, but a lot of other things also can be hidden using these methods. All the steps of the instructions are assisted with well illustrated photos

The most important thing to consider while hiding something is how the person who will search for the hidden object will thing! This instructable consider much over that.

NOTE: Throughout this instructable by mentioning CPU what I actually try to mean is the CPU Cabinet.

Step 1: Get Ready the Object to Hide

Decide what you want to hide and in what form you are going to do it. As a mentioned earlier here I am hiding a Pen-drive. To make it simple I removed the case of the pen-drive so that it occupies only a little size while hiding.

Note: while removing the case be very careful not to damage the pen-drive.

Step 2: Hiding in CPU- Requirements

To hide Pen-drive in CPU you will require the following things

  • an old model large sized desktop CPU
  • small size screw-driver
  • colorless cello-tape

Step 3: CPU Made Ready

The procedure bellow explains how to open up and get your CPU ready for hiding things. Here I am using my own desktop CPU to illustrate the procedure. It cannot be made sure that all the CPU will be the same. So please follow the appropriate procedure to open up the CPU cabinet.

  • A CPU in working condition will be complexly wired. So please please make sure that you are aware how to re-plug all the cables after all the hiding procedures are completed, and unplug all the cables.
  • All the CPU cabinets will be provided with an one-side slid which can be removed by loosening just few screws. loosen those screws with the screw-driver and then remove it with your hand
  • Then slide the slid over one side and remove it slowly.
  • Do not disturb the cooling fan cables while removing the slid.
  • Investigate the possibilities of hiding things inside the CPU cabinet.

    Note: If the CPU cabinet is covered with dust try not to disturb it. If your fingerprints were laid over the dust it may tip the searcher to make a guess. A fully cleaned CPU may also tip them. but no one will want to search in dust covered places.

Step 4: Keep It in - Cover It

  • The CPU cabinet is sure to have a large amount of free space inside it, simply placing the pen-drive in some place is not advisable.
  • find a place which is no visible at any angle even when the cabinet is opened apart.
  • Pen-drive should not fall apart when the cabinet is opened or shaken.
  • so stick it to the walls of the hidden area with the cello-tape.
  • then close the cabinet as it was opened and put the screws back and tighten them with the screw-driver.

    NOTE: 1. Avoid using colored tape or it may be spotted easily if the cabinet is opened.
    2. Do not disturb the circuit-boards and the wires inside the CPU for safety of the system.

Step 5: Hiding in Mobile-Phone Charger

Requirements to do this are:

  • a large size mobile charger ( a modern compact charger may not have enough room for the pen-drive or any other stuff)
  • a small size screw-driver

Step 6: Open Up the Charger

  • The mobile-phone charger's head compartment has to be opened up for hiding the pen-drive.
  • If your charger is fastened with a screw first remove them and then open the charger with your hands.
  • If the charger is tightly fitted without any screws insert the screw-driver in the gap and move slightly until it opens up.
  • then remove the lid and take the circuit board away, be careful not to disturb the wires and circuits.

    NOTE: Be careful not to make any scratches on the sides while opening or it will clearly show off that the charger has been opened.

Step 7: Fitting In

  • Carefully place the pen-drive inside the charger compartment without affecting the charger.
  • It has to be placed in a way that it tightly fits inside and does not make any sound while shaken.
  • Then close the lid carefully and correctly that the charger has to be used commonly again as always.
  • A charger fixed in a plug with light glowing may never trigger a doubt .

Step 8:

Thanks for reading this Instructable.

And if you ever make use of these methods to hide thins and if it works please make me know.

Please post your comments even if they are negative.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    It's physically impossible to hide stuff in a "CPU"


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    can you please explain your justification !

    i have hidden things in my "CPU" and it worked !


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    CPU = Central Processing Unit..


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    ok i agree. i made a mistake

    but what i actually meant was the CPU cabinet


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting hiding places. Thank you for sharing!