Hide in Plain Sight

Introduction: Hide in Plain Sight

I have seen a lot of really cool enteries in the "Hiding Spot" challenge.

Many of them though seem a bit time consuming or involve some sort of craft.

I thought, "Hey, I just ate these so lets put something inside and make it useful"

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you need.

Something to hide.

And a place to hide it.

I chose the cracker box, because it is pretty common. Especially in a cupboard full of them.

Step 2: Hide It!

I am sure the pictures make it obvious what to do.

But I will explain it.

Place the thing to hide in the thing to hide :D

Then close the thing to hide and hide it.

Step 3: Place It Somewhere

I chose a less cluttered area. But you can place it where ever.

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