Emergency Money in Toiletries,and Both Usable :-) - Entry for Hidden Spaces Contest

You can use expensive or the cheapest tube or jar or box, of whatever ingredients ,and still use it as a secret locker and then use the paste /cream again without worrying about any damage to the your objects or the paste/cream.

By the way, not applicable for anything like industrial glues.or chemicals. I mean your basic household toiletries etc.

FOR Emergency money Any tube with any semi solid liquid , like toothpaste, shaving creams , mosquito repellant, any toilet kit tube ANY PLASTIC TUBE

FOR large diamonds / jewellery / sim cards/USB Drives ETC. a box / jar of face cream , vaseline ,cold cream etc.
Can be used during travel or simple hiding.
Items needed ,

1.A tube(For emergency money),
a box / container of paste or cream (for larger objects like sim cards/memory cards, usb drives/diamonds)
2.Cling Film/Food Wrap (for making sure your cream stays pure and your item stays clean)

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Step 1: For Money in Toothpaste / Shaving Cream / Face Wash TUBES

Make sure
1.Your tube is near medium to full. 
2. and isn't  totally transparent.
3.Should have a opening large enough to allow the roll of money through
4. Longer than the width of your currency note
5. Try not to use very expensive products whose wastage would bring tears to your eyes.


1.Roll the money tightly.

2.Wrap it up in cling film ,Make sure,its totally tight and covering your money.

3.Squeeze out a little paste from your tube, brush or shave if you want , haha,

4.Push the money roll/cylinder in the tube.

5.Put the cap on, and put it in your toilet kit. Even if your pocket gets picketed(Heaven Forbid), you wont be fully broke :)

6. When you need the money, just squeeze up from the bottom rolling the tube,that should put a pasty money rod in your hands.
and if it gets stuck , just cut the bottom crimping away.But that step would render the tube useless .You could switch the stuff to another jar or something later.

Step 2: For Diamonds in the Hairgel/skin Products/handwash Dispensers

Similar Steps as for the tubes, but you cant cut the bottom away that easily :)

Make sure
1.Your jar/container is near medium to full.
2. and isn't  totally transparent.
3.Should have a opening large enough to allow the object through
5. Try not to use very expensive products whose wastage would bring tears to your eyes.


1.Bundle up the money or your object in cling film fully covering it and making sure its tightly packed

2.Empty out a little stuff from your

4.Push the packed object in the jar/container

5.Level it with your finger(if your jar contains something solid,like hair gel or something,so that it doesnt look unusual)

6. When you need the money, just try to get it out with a toothpick(To avoid wastage) or else with your hands,or flip it over.

Have Fun digging

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