Hiding Place in a Log




Introduction: Hiding Place in a Log

Have you ever lost your keys and been locked out of your house because of it? If so, then this secret hiding place will prevent that from ever happening again.

Step 1: Find a Log and Equipment Needed

*Power Drill
* 3/8" Drill Bit
* 3/8" Dowel
* Hand Saw
* Router
*Safety Glasses
*Rubber Mallet

Step 2: Drill 2 Holes

Drill two holes deep enough in the log in order for the two dowels to be able to reach about 3/4 through the log.

Step 3: Saw the Log in Half

Use a hand saw to cut your log in half horizontally making sure that the dowel holes remain face up.

Step 4: Insert the Dowels

With the log cut in half insert a 3/8" dowel into the bottom holes of the log. Use a rubber mallet to make sure that they are tight inside of it.

Step 5: Make a Compartment in the Log With a Router

Using a router, route a shallow compartment in the log making sure it is both deep enough and large enough for a key to fit in.

Step 6: Final Touches

Use a drill on the two holes on the opposite half of the log so that they are large enough that the dowels don't get stuck in them, but small enough so it requires some strength to pull them apart. Then put the two pieces together and flip the log so that the holes aren't visible. With that, you now have a convenient hiding place to hide your house key that only you know about.

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    17 Discussions

    Splitting the log instead of sawing might be way easier and it fits together better afterwards.

    3 replies

    How would it fit together better then sawing in? sorry your right about the splitting being easier thou

    Because sawing it removes material. Splitting it doesn't so it does back together w/o that eigth inch of material that you lost in the cut

    When you saw something, you remove material (sawdust), when you split it open, you do not remove material and given a log without branches it splits neatly along the grain and then fits back together. See my instructable here.

    You could always decorate the log with something for all seasons and as a porch item. With just some greenery for the change of seasons. Greenery with flowers for spring and summer and fall leaves and in the winter depending on where you live follow your area for decorations. Add another slab of log to the bottom with flat side down to hold into place. Then just lift the top off. Keeps it out of the bonfire. May not help going thru a window or exposing a key, but locks are for honest people anyway. Put it on the front porch. Just act like your straightening the arrangement. Less likely for someone to break in thru the front of the house. Just a few of my thoughts.

    Nice job. Just make sure the log does not end up in the campfire lol.

    great idea. first thought...geocache! time to find me a log. tfti

    Lol! But look- it broke open when I picked it up and that's a key in it... Wow! Definitely easier than breaking the window!

    You would need to put the log somewhere inconspicuous and possibly fixed down but good idea. Perhaps put a waterproof container inside the compartment

    Nice idea, you should hide the log, though. If it were me, I would definitely pick it up

    Well then allow your keys to cool off before handling them . ;-P

    This isn't a bad idea . Although it is a valid point ; if someone takes the log , you've lost your hiding place (and your stash) . I'd suggest applying this idea to something a little more inconspicuous when left lying around .


    3 years ago

    If the log is taken away by someone?