Hiding Place Puzzle Box

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Hi I'm Cameron and in this instructable I will show you how to make a puzzle box that is hard to get into unless you know the trick. It's great for keeping stuff away from sisters(-;. Just so you know, you will need lots and lots of cardboard.

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Step 1: Cut the Flaps Off the Top of the Box

flip the box upright and cut off the loose flaps.

Step 2: Cut a Straight Line Down the Middle of One Side

exactly what it says: cut a straight line down the middle of one side(;

Step 3: Glue on All the Cardboard Sides Except One

glue on all the cardboard sides except one (don't forget to leave one!)

Step 4: On the One Left Piece Make a Shape Like This

Take one of the box flaps and tape it upright. Take the other one and place it down sideways. Tape them together.

Step 5: Put on the Lid

To make the lid you measure the mouth of the box, then you put the correct sized lines on the cardboard, then cut! Now that that's done, glue it onto the shape you made in the last step (make sure it's in the middle). Now you can slide it into that slot on the box if you want to (I didn't). Don't forget to glue on the little cardboard slip.

Step 6: Put on a Cardboard Rectangle

Put on a cardboard rectangle with a cardboard square on top.

Step 7: Cut a Slim Line on Top of the Cardboard Square

Cut a slim line on top of the cardboard square you put there a while ago.

Step 8: Put the Cardboard Rectangle in the Slot

Put the cardboard rectangle in the slot you just made.

Step 9: Glue the Sides

not the top

Step 10: Put It All Together

slide it all into place

Step 11: Cut Two Cardboard Rectangles

then put them in by the smaller one

Step 12: Glue Something Like This on Both Sides

Then slide them into the back of the box.

Step 13: It's Finished!

now time to unlock it.

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