Hiding Spots (for Money and Other Useful Stuff)

Introduction: Hiding Spots (for Money and Other Useful Stuff)

Hello there!! In this Instructable you can find various places to hide money and other stuff like IDs, credit cards, passports, notes or letters from other people and prevent them from unwanted hands. From my experience, ideal places are...

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Step 1: Inside a Book.

If you are like me, you have a lot of books (but you hate reading). Try to find a book that its not very interesting for someone to read. Choose a page in the middle of your book, place your money, close it and put it on a normal place. If you hide it behind other books it will be obvious that its hidden so it may attract attention.

Step 2: Under a Box Bottom.

I have a small box sitting in a shelf full of stuff. I took off all the iside and i opened the bottom with an razor blade. I put some tape to the under side so the money would not stick to the bottom. After that I put the money iside, I coverd them with the bottom, and placed some stuff inside.

Step 3: Inside a Photo Album.

I have a lot of photos from my young age. So i have a lot of albums. I choosed one. I took it, I opened to a page, I selected a photo and I placed the money under the photo. Whenever you want some money, just say that you want to remember your childhood...

Step 4: Inside a Loudspeaker

I bought that loudspeaker last month. It has the hole from the front so its a great hiding spot if you put the cover on (i do). Take your money, fold them and place them inside the tube but watch out not to fall inside because its really difficult to take them out. After that but the cover back in. Now, if the speaker is on top of your desk it might not be that good ideacause it will be easy to been discoverd. I used this method when my loudspeakers here hanging on the wall, so i was using a step stool to reach the hole.

Step 5: Inside a Cloth on a Closet

Since now it's summer, i have some clothes that are not used at all. I choosed a jacket and I placed the money on a pocket. Just remember to remove them on September, if you dont want to carry with you 300 euros at school.

Step 6: Inside a Floppy Disc

I had these old floppy disc since my dad bought his first computer. Theu are trash now but I keep them for a future project. The past year was a great spot for hiding my money. I had a case for them with a key so it adds more protection. Each floppy disc come with a paper case so I put my money, I place it inside, lock the case and my money is there anytime I need them. Just dont forget where you put the key!!

Step 7: Inside a Teapot

I have that set of tea. It was a present from my grandmother so now it sits on a cupboard with other cups and wine glasses. We dont use it cause we dont drink tea so its pretty much decorative... The teapot has a lid so the content is not visible. I put my money inside, I gave it a buff to be shiny, I closed the cupboard door and now i can go and drink a cup of hot coffee. Not much of a hidden place in Britain...

Step 8: Inside a CD

I have a big collection of CDs. I have some that I never have listen to. I even wonder why I bought them, but anyway that's not the case... I took one I hardly ever listen (by the way I should have choose anything else from Santana because I almost listen it every day, but...) I opened it and i placed my money inside a little book with the lyrics of the songs. Now every time I want some money I also listen to music..!

Step 9: On the Back of a Picture on the Wall

I had a picture hanging on the wall for a long time. I stuck an envelope with a double sided tape in the back of the picture and I put the money inside. I placed it on the wall and its all done. I find my money every time. Thank God!!

Step 10: Between the Phone and the Phone Case

Finally, when im going out I always carry my phone. Not only because it's a phone, but its my wallet too. I have that case for my phone wich is pretty neat because of the cut in frond of it for the clock!! When I'm going out i place my money between my phone and the case so when I close it is very strongly closed. This method its not that much of a hiding spot as a tip to curry your money and your phone in the same time. But you have to be careful so the money will not be visible from the cuts in the case for the camera and the speakers.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Hiding!...

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    Naa.. i placed that for the occasion because i dont have a normal teapot. I dont have that silver pot on visible place.
    Happy you liked it.


    5 years ago

    I see one flaw. If someone broke into your home then they would probably steal you silver tea set. But other then that its a very good idea