Hiding Valuables in Plain Sight




Introduction: Hiding Valuables in Plain Sight

This must be one of the simplest and best hiding places going.

I keep a spare set of house keys inside an old caulking gun tube, hanging in plain sight in my garden shed.

No special tools or skills required...ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

Step 1: Keep an Old Dried Up Tube of Caulk or Silicone

Step 2: Pull the Plunger of the Gun Back to Release the Caulking Tube.

Step 3: Insert Your Keys or Other Valuables

Step 4: Reinsert the Plunger and Push Down to Secure the Caulking Tube

Step 5: Now "Hide" the Caulking Gun in Plain Sight

Just hang it back with your other tools, or just leave it lying on your incredibly tidy workbench!

Nobody will ever think to look inside an old dried up tube of caulking.



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    The "Purloined Letter" strategy is always a good one. I'm tempted to show up how I use it to hide tests from students, but chances are (I hope) some student is a "maker".

    Just make sure that you don't have a helpful wife / kids / friend: "Honey, I've cleaned up your workbench and thrown away all that rubbish you can't use anymore ... ;-)

    1 reply

    Ha, not much chance of that! My workshop in a no-go zone! :)

    Good idea.
    Could i ask where your shed is located. Like exactly. Full address. To... you know... congratulate you....

    Just kidding. Seriously now. Good idea