Hiding a Spare Key. Under 3$




Introduction: Hiding a Spare Key. Under 3$

This is a step by step guide to hiding a spare key with little to no cost.

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Step 1: Gathering Supplies

You will need;

1.) Key of your choice.

2.) A empty prescription pill bottle.

3.) A rock that is bigger than your pill bottle.

4.) Hot glue or super glue.

Step 2: Gluing Your Lid.

You will need to

1.) Clean and dry your rock to remove dirt so the glue sticks better.

2.) Disconnect the lid from your pill bottle.

3.) Find a spot on your rock that you think will be easiest to hide the pill bottle on. (Remember; the bottle will either be in the dirt or amongst other rocks.)

4.) Take your desired glue and coat the lid of the pill bottle.

5.) Connect the lid to the desired spot on your rock.

6.) Let dry.

Step 3: Adding Your Key

You will need to;

1.) Take your desired key and put it into the bottle.

2.) Securely close the bottle.

Step 4: The Finishing Touch

Now you are finished. Find your desired spot and either burry the bottle amongst other rocks or dig a tiny hole big enough for the pill bottle and place it in the hole.

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    2 years ago

    This would make a cute game. You could hide small treasures and send the kids outside to find them.


    2 years ago

    That would be a really good way to hide it!