Hiding Place for Cat

Cats love hiding,so they need many hiding places.

Now I will show you how you can make cute, 3d printed cat's house.

You don't need special program (it's free and open browser).

You don't need printer (there are many places where you can order 3d print)

Step 1:



and log in.

Step 2:

Create new design

Step 3:

Use paraboloid and paraboloid hole (click hole button in right upper corner) to make ear.

When it's ready select all (ctrl +a) and group (button in right upper corner).

Step 4:

Edit/Copy ear

Edit /Paste second ear then Adjust/Mirror

Use sphere itwill be cat's head

Step 5:

Put sphere hole inside blue sphere - it will make it empty inside.

Put box hole on the bottom of blue sphere - it will make it stable.

Then select all and group.

Step 6:

Now use cylinder hole to make door.

Then select all and group

Step 7:

Use box holes to make cat's whiskers

Step 8:

Select all and group

Step 9:

Change color.

In Prosperities name your design and download for 3d printing.

Now you can print it.

Step 10:



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