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About: I study Media Art & Animation at the Art Institute of California, but i have a wide array of interests.

This is just part of a regular show series I'm working on; I thought it would be cool to have my own H.F.G. plushie after seeing the halloween episode. it was during muscle man's story at the scene where they're driving and the ghosts materialize and the guy in the leopard pants is holding H.F.G. sadly it didn't come out as big as I would like; it measures 9" from bottom to top (including arm and hand).

this was all free form so I don't have I full pattern, but I know I started making a basic skull cap in single crochet and increased until there were 6 single crochets between each increase [unsure as to how many increases were in the round but i place it somewhere between 6-8], then continued to single crochet for about 15 rows. I ended up with 48 stitches/round, divided that by 4 to get the number of stitches I could use for each bottom ghost nubs. I left a long tail that I could weave to an edge to start each limb; the exact pattern I do not know cause some of mine came out uneven (but I like it). that was repeated 3 more times.

for the arm, I used the magic ring to form a circle with 5 stitches. increase all around to arrive at 10. slip stitched around (10), single crocheted around in the back loops only (10), then continued to crochet 10 for 6 or 7 more rounds. I used a triple increase at opposite ends for 2 rounds, and single crocheted for 2 rounds. I divided the number of stitches by 4 and separated the group containing the 3 fingers and separated it from the thumb (thus creating a palm) by single crocheting the larger area for 3 rounds. leaving long tails, I crocheted each finger one at a time, making the middle longer by adding an extra rounds or two. I repeated that for the thumb as well and is about the same size as the smaller fingers.

I slip stitched the details directly onto the body.

I figure the form itself is pretty simple for even beginners to crochet and can be finished by an experienced crochet artist in a day; the body only took me a couple of hours and I've been crocheting for about a year and a half, give or take.

-red heart super saver comfort yarn (or something like that), white
-E hook
-shredded cotton t-shirts for stuffing
-yarn needle

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