High Power LED Rechargeable Torch

Introduction: High Power LED Rechargeable Torch

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Hello friends.This Instruct-able is very useful for adventurers.I like LEDs. And I like torches. I have always been looking for a torch that can light up to 3 to 4 hours, and finally i made it.

Do not underestimate the effort of desoldering and soldering, though. It took me about a day altogether to finish the project.

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Step 1: Project Overview

The torch is a really cheap model, probably you can built it under 3 - 4$ (400 PKR). The wiring include resistors, which means that it cannot be sparked or damage. I simply slapped 7 LEDs with 7 (0.33ohm resistors) in parallel and connected them to the battery via a switch.

As I intend to use the torch mainly with rechargeable batteries, I calculated the following circuit for 9.2 - 9.4 Volts, which is the typical voltage of two batteries.

Most LEDs could be set in parallel and driven with a single resistor, but i use 7 resistors with each LED. All LEDs need 300 - 400 mAh, so I divided them up with one resistor each. 

Depending on the types and amounts of LEDs you are using, you may need different resistors. This LED resistor calculator may help you on your way.

Step 2: Gather All the Stuff

I tried to make the project as inexpensive as possible and so I came up with the following parts:

-Heat Sinks                              (7)
-LEDs 1watt                             (7)
-0.33 ohm resistors                (7)
-0.7ohm 1/8w resistor            (1)
-1N4001 50v 1A Diode           (1)
-5mm led                                   (1)
-4.7 v batteries                          (2)
-Charging Jack                         (1)
-Toggle switch                          (1)
-Wire roles  RED + WHITE     (1)           
-Fat pin converter                     (1)
-2 way Connector                    (1)

For tools I used:

-solding wire
-wire cutter
-Heat Shrink Sleeves
-Mini Drill

Step 3: Preparing Bottle & Batteries

Wrap the cover of bottle.ahhhhh i done like that cover.Next add power glue to your batteries and combine them.Sold positive to positive and negative to negative.Now the the two batteries are not two, now they do work like one battery.

This will also work for your next projects, and you can charge it from any Nokia Mobile Charger. Isn't it great.

Step 4: Preparing Torch and Charging System

In order to operate the switch, the shaft has to go through right side of the bottle. With a shaft diameter of 1cm, I used mini drill to create a hole that was placed at right side of the bottle.

With the shaft's position thus defined, the wiring would barely fit on top. To fit the switch inside low enough I had to carve away some of the plastic with a sander.Use super glue for adding LED and converter, and then the bottle gets shape something like a funny toy.

But be-careful.Safety First.

Step 5: Adding the LEDs

Make small holes for wires and resistors with mini drill.Connect 0.33ohm resistor with each of the LED, and don't forget to connect them to positive side.......take wires and connect them all to negative.Finally connect all negative wires and sold them, and all resistors too.

Take two wire connector and sold red + wire to resistors and black - wire to all the wires you have sold together.

You have now madded this LEDs part. 

Step 6: Testing Torch and Charging Jack

Testing is a very important step while you were making any project, and i simply have done that.you can see pictures below.Just connect the two wire connectors and push the button.Check the timing of torch that how how much it glows and how much it torches up to, or what is the  LUMEN'S of torch.This torch lumen's is 600 - 700 and lasts up-to 3- 4 hours.​It's great.

Also check your charging jack by inserting several chargers.I have tested it with almost 8-9 chargers ,and it didn't showed up any problem.

You can see that i have also added a 5mm LED to check charging situation.

Step 7: Assembling Torch

Insert all the parts in the bottle.

1-add batteries
2-add button
3-add charging jack with connector
4-add 5mm LED
5-Attach the two way connector
6-add the bottle cap

This is all.it's so simple.

Step 8: All Done

Any thing that you can't understand let me know.

And you have done it all.....enjoy & don't forget to comment.

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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    You have drawn the circuit diagram with the two batteries shown connected in parallel instead of series. They should be connected -- [+Battery1-] --- [+Battery2-] ---

    Also, as this is for beginners, it would be good to show how the 1N4001 blocking diode is connected (with the indicator line or + at the top) and same for the led. No damage should come from having the 1N4001 the wrong way around, it just won't charge.

    It would also be a good idea to place a current limiting resistor in series with the 1N4001 to limit the current the batteries take when fully discharged, especially if you are using a power supply which is capable of delivering large currents. Calculation is easy, it's R ohms=Vcharger/(Charging current in amps). You calculate for the full charger voltage so as to allow for fully discharged batteries.

    Generally speaking I use 1/10 the Ah rating as the charging current which means it can be left on charge indefinitely without worrying about it, although it will take overnight to recharge it.


    3 years ago

    Sir,how to draw circuit diagram showm in first page?

    Shravan KumarK1
    Shravan KumarK1

    4 years ago

    The LED's which u used is 3.2v forward voltage and 320mA Forward current.So now the total current drawn by the circuit is 2240mAie.(2.24 Amps @ 9.4v).It glows for four hours.Ur battery would be then 10AH,9V.

    But We Can minimize the current consumed by adding it in series.Like connecting 3 LEDS in series with parallel to 3 LED's without a resistor.since battery voltage is less than the series led's voltage of 9.6V.So with six led's, current consumption is just 640mA so that it can light upto minimum 10 to 12 hours with the same battery. !!


    5 years ago

    How to decide value of resistance.Why did u use 0.3 ohm for 1watt led and 4.7ohm for 3mm led. On what factor durability depends


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    where did u get your led holder thingy.......