High Powered Burner

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Hope you enjoy

Only costs 11.99

Step 1:

First you are going to need all of the tools and parts

3/4 inch DN20 pvc pipe thing
9 inches of 1/2 inch copper pipe
Drill with Dremel tool cut off disc
3/4 inch steel pipe 8 inches long

Step 2:

Take a part DN20

Step 3:

Attach the parts from the DN20 to the 3/4 inch steel pipe

Step 4:

Now you are going to use your drill and cut off disc if you do not have an industrial sized cut off disc then you can use a small metal saw. Cut far enough down to where when you can squeeze it together so you can fit the rocket motor snuggly on

Step 5: Install and Have Fun

I am not responsible for any injuries



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